Give Solar

The earth is what we all have in common.

- Wendell Berry

What is Give Solar

‘Give Solar’ is about being part of the natural energy cycle. EightTwenty selects projects for non-profit institutions that matter to our community. We design the project and work with our customers, partners, the non-profit’s donor base, and community members to crowdfund and execute the project.

Statue that commemorates Clara Luper
Clara Luper Corridor: Residential Project
Room with bunk beds at city care shelter
City Care’s New 140 Bed Night Shelter
Crowd gathered at Restore OKC's farm
Restore OKC's Farmers Market

How it works

When you install a solar system with EightTwenty to live solar, you automatically give solar. It’s that simple!


Pick your ‘Give Solar’ project.

When you purchase and live solar from EightTwenty, we will donate a percentage of your project on your behalf toward a ‘Give Solar’ project of your choice.


Accelerate the project with a donation.

If you would like to add more funding to accelerate your project’s installation, increase your gift with a tax-deductible donation.


Tell others to join.

Simply share about the Give Solar project you are passionate about and have your family and friends join you in powering your community.

You will be updated as we finalize the fundraising goal for each Give Solar project, and upon installation date, all givers will be invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration!

I want to give now
EightTwenty give partner - Market at Eastpoint OKC

Benefits to Give Solar Recipients

The love of their community

Access to clean, sustainable energy for decades to come

Reduction of operating costs

Hedge against the impacts of rising energy costs

A beautiful solar project

Corporate Sponsors

Want to sponsor a specific nonprofit? Already have a charity your company works with? Let us know! We can customize your company’s give solar corporate partnership.

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