Live Solar.

Discover the benefits of a connection to the sun.

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Price Predictability

Electricity pricing is rising 3% a year. Fix your price and guard your finances.


Choose where and how you get your source of energy and feel confident with this indefinite resource.


Solar offers peace of mind and a reliable power source, even when inclement weather or other events take down the grid.

Environmental Impact

Homes consume 30% more energy than the average car. Switch to solar and feel proud with clean, natural, regenerative energy.

No More Wasted Energy

Half of energy in most homes is wasted. Take control over your electric bill and track real-time usage to adjust as needed.

No Money Down

Lease, loan, and purchase options available now.


With tier one products, industry best warranties, and EightTwenty's 25-year performance and craftsmanship warranties, you can be confident in your connection to the sun.

Harness the sun and power your community.

Learn How to Live

Process to Live Solar is Simple.

EightTwenty makes connecting to the sun hassle free by managing the entire project in house.



We learn about you and your home to craft a project that meets your needs.



Our solar designers and engineers put together a custom plan that focuses on performance and beauty.


Final Design

We review a final design and financing options to kick off your project.



Our in-house craftsmen have built and installed over 1,000 systems and sign our name to every project.


Live Solar

Start living solar. Enjoy your connection to clean, renewable energy that gives you decades of power.