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EightTwenty Solar Products and Services


The entire system to generate solar energy including modules, inverters, and monitoring technology.

EightTwenty Backup Products and services


Battery or generator solutions for partial and full building backup.

EightTwenty Charging Products


Charging stations used to power your electric vehicle.

EightTwenty Product Elecrical


Traditional electrical services for commercial and residential clients.

What We Do



Our consultants work closely with you to identify your energy needs and design a system to meet those requirements and maximize solar tax incentives.



Solar has never been more affordable, yet most clients still choose to finance their solar investment. Through our partnerships, we clarify the cost of ownerships with strong financing solutions that maximize financial incentives.


Design & Engineer

Our solar design team takes pride in designing a custom solution to meet your savings, aesthetics, and energy objectives. This includes structural engineering, permitting, homeowner association, and utility requirements for your project.



Our in-house build team takes pride in their craft having installed over 1,000 solar projects.



We commit to our customers over the long term to maintain, support, and expand their systems.

Our products are selected to align with EightTwenty’s principle of quality. We deeply consider energy solutions and their aesthetics.

We select products you can be proud of for decades to come.

The idea of independence through regenerative solar energy is powerful. We make this idea a reality by combining carpentry and electricity to create art.

Custom Solar Panel Carpor

Product Priorities

Prioritize American Made

Tier 1 - Bankable Manufacturers

Industry Leading Warranties

Modular Capabilities to Grow with Our Customers

High Aesthetic Appeal

Prioritize Sustainably Made Products

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